Global Literacy

The initial project of the 7 Degrees Global Literacy Program was to assist in collecting and shipping 6,000 books to the PREP, or Promoting Rural Education in the Philippines which was founded by Vicky SyCip Herrera, a long time educator at the International School in Manila and a member of the legendary SyCip family that has been a pinnacle for integrity and education in the country for over a century. We continue to support this program on an ongoing basis.

The second project of the 7 Degrees Global Literacy Program was to assist a group of North Carolina High School students working to collect books and raise the money to go on a mission trip to the rural Philippines to work with the PREP students and deliver the books. We were honored to have the largest library in the Tagaytay School System named in memory of Gail. It was an overwhelming experience to see the thousands of lives touched and the many libraries filled with books.

The third project of the 7 Degrees Global Literacy Program was to provide 6,000 books to the Macau Anglican School. Macau was founded in the 1600’s by Jesuit priests and was a Portuguese colony until 1999 when it was turned back over to the People’s Republic of China. Macau is known as an SAR or Special Administrative Region which operates autonomously from the Chinese Government, however, still under their ultimate control. Diverse cultures, international education and religious freedom are enjoyed by the people of Macau. It was a pleasure providing them with the books.

The fourth project of the 7 Degrees Global Literacy Program was to provide an additional 50,000 books to the PREP program and the schools in Tagaytay Philippines.
The 7 Degrees Global Literacy Program has formed a 20 year partnership with the Library Renewal Program of the Philippines. It was founded by Quintin J. Pastrana, a Georgetown MBA, with additional degrees from Oxford and Cambridge. He is a rising star in the Philippines as a champion for transparency, ethics and raising people out of poverty through education and opportunity.

The mission of the Library Renewal Program is to build 200 libraries across the country. It is imperative that English continue to be taught throughout the country as the primary communication tool. With 10% of the population working abroad sending back hard currency, it is a significant part of their economy and critical for their growth pulling millions out of poverty.

In addition to global interests, the 7 Degrees Global Literacy Program sponsors local projects as well. We support the High Point Public Library Foundation and are currently raising the funds to build the Outdoor Children’s Reading area at the High Point Public Library. The funds will be donated in memory of John Yowell, a selfless, gracious member of the community who was always there to lend a helping hand.

How can you help?
We are continually collecting new and gently used:
Story Books • School Books • Dictionaries • Picture Books • Curriculum • Encyclopedias

Please bring your books and those of friends and family to:

High Point Public Library, 901 N. Main Street, High Point, NC 27262.

If you do not live locally, please send a note on our Facebook page for more information on how books can be collected.

Please place the books in a copy-paper or liquor size box or smaller, properly packed to accommodate international shipping and handling.