Innovation in Education

7 Degrees is committed to managing K-12 education programs with innovative techniques and processes such as PBIS and developing a new model of integrated, scalable and transferable, multi-track, Career and University track Diploma Programs.







Making a Difference

Global Literacy

Through our direct efforts and those of our strategic partners we will continue to expand our local and global efforts to fund libraries and fill them with books. To date, 7 Degrees has provided over 150,000 books to children in the Philippines and Macau with a commitment to build 200 libraries over 20 years and provide funding for literacy programs and capital expansion at local libraries.



Therapeutic Programs

The healing power of horses, farm animals and farming can be life changing for those facing physical, developmental and behavioral challenges.

7 Degrees is working with renown vintner and philanthropist, Dr. Su Hua Newton, to develop and implement an "Agri-Therapy"(c) program.

7 Degrees is also working with Horsepower Therapeutic Learning for "Equine Therapy" for children with physical, psychological and social challenges.